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Premium car audio upgrades & high-tech solutions to enhance your factory system!

VA Audio Technic are professional, knowledgeable, and experienced team of Audio Engineers who specialise in innovative car audio and high-tech solutions for German made vehicles.

We are particularly experienced with the following vehicles:

The Power Of Sound

We assess, advise, supply, and professionally tune the following premium brands into your car for the ultimate premium audio experience. 

D. Ross - 2016 VW Golf R
Match PP62DSP & PP7S-D Subwoofer
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"I actually couldn't believe my ears when Ben played the first song! The sound is so much bigger than I expected. Incredible"
B. Byrne - 2014 VW Touareg
Match PP62DSP & PP7S-D Subwoofer with Dynamat sound treatment
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"I was convinced that I had to spend twice as much to achieve this level of sound quality. Great work guys!"
T. Hondris - 2010 Toyota Hloux
Helix V EIGHT with Brax M1, M2, M6 & Dynamat sound treatment supported by existing sub and rears.
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"I totally get the DSP thing now. The sound stage that Ben has created is flipping crazy! Go see this guy!"

Innovative car audio solutions for maximum sonic performance combined with the least amount of installation effort.

Your Vehicle

Let us know your vehicle specifics and we can provide factory car audio upgrade options to suit your budget including DSP's, Amplifiers, Subwoofers & Speakers.

Professional Installation

All of our wiring and speakers are designed for factory fit, which means no cutting, grinding or soldering is required. Plus, we can easily uninstall for your next vehicle.

Plug & Play

Our perfectly matched components and vehicle specific adapters are the ultimate solutions for your factory car audio system upgrade. Stage One will blow your mind.

Tuned By Audio Engineers

Our Digital Signal Processors and Amplifiers are all tuned specifically to your vehicle and preference by one of our professional VA Audio Technic Sound Engineers. Crossovers, EQ, Time alignment, Phase coherency and sound stage.

Volkswagen   //  Audi   //  Porsche  //  BMW  //  Mercedes

A pristine, dynamic, and high-fidelity listening experience without compromising vehicle integrity.

By simply adding the DSP & Amplifier and tuning it up correctly the difference was incredible and the components where all made to fit without any major overhaul of the vehicle. It's like a concert in a concert hall. I am really happy!
Audi Owner // 2016 Q7 S-Line

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