Experts in Premium Sound Upgrades for European built cars!

Based in Perth, WA, we are a team of professional Audio Engineers who specialise in German-built car audio system upgrades and precision sonic tuning. 

Our product range includes award-winning plug and play components as well as high-end custom systems. 

We are particularly experienced with the following vehicles:

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N.Haywood - 2018 BMW M140i (Harmon Kardon)
Helix Match UP7BMW DSP + Alpine 10" Subwoofer & Amp
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"I can’t recommend Ben more highly!! An absolute whiz!!! Had some issues with a new install not delivering what it should in my M140i. Ben sorted that and then did his tuning magic to make my system sing and that’s with my stock HK speakers. The Match amp upgrade and separate sub/amp give me the power that’s needed and some nice bass…."
S.Bacich - 2015 Audi Q5
Match PP62DSP & PP7S-D Subwoofer
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"Great advice and knowledge with cost-effective solutions when upgrading your factory audio system"
D. Ross - 2016 VW Golf R
Match PP62DSP & PP7S-D Subwoofer
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"I actually couldn't believe my ears when Ben played the first song! The sound is so much bigger than I expected. Incredible"
B. Byrne - 2014 VW Touareg
Match PP62DSP & PP7S-D Subwoofer with Dynamat sound treatment
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"I was convinced that I had to spend twice as much to achieve this level of sound quality. Great work guys!"
T. Hondris - 2010 Toyota Hlux
Helix V EIGHT with Brax Matrix Components M1, M2, M6 & Dynamat Extreme Acoustic Treatment & Kicker Subs.
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"Highly recommend Ben from VA Audio Technic. First class work. Very high standard. Professional & polite. I totally get the DSP thing now. The sound stage that Ben has created is flipping crazy! Go see this guy!"

We also have a large range of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto upgrade kits for your European factory system.

Our Vision

To give European Car Owners seamless options for a pristine, dynamic, and high-fidelity listening experience without compromising their vehicle’s integrity.


We asses, advise, and perfectly match signal processors, speakers, sub-woofers and amplifiers, all designed & engineered in Germany to integrate seamlessly.

Contact us

For more information about upgrading your European Car audio system,  please contact   Ben on 0400 502 299 or email  enquiry@

We guarantee an immersive, dynamic, and high-fidelity listening experience without compromising your vehicle's integrity

Recent Product Awards:

Thanks to the award winning Audiotec Fischer Helix DSP technology, we custom tune each vehicle specific to your vehicle and listening preferences.

Plug & Play
Sound Experience

MATCH Plug & Play line provides maximum sound improvement of the original audio system with minimal installation effort. 

The huge advantage: The vehicle remains as it is. Everything will be installed without trace and be removed quickly – an essential aspect especially for leasing cars.

MATCH Plug & Play components are the perfect solution for sound at its best from the OEM/factory radio.

The DNA of
Perfect Sound

HELIX Car Audio components combine perfect music enjoyment and great sound experience with a price-performance ratio, which was described as sensational by the national and international press.

With a mature product program – from entry-level to leading-edge components – HELIX quintessentially fulfills our primal urge for rhythm and sound.

Brax Car Audio Perth

Music Is

“Compromises” are absolutely taboo in the development and production of every single BRAX product – only the finest human selected materials are used, which are perfected with precision craftsmanship in Schmallenberg to create audible words of art. And of course, we only use “made in Germany” components.

BRAX will now, and in the future, remain a synonym par excellence for enjoying music in its finest state.

For more information about upgrading your Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes or Landrover audio system,  please contact Ben on 0400 502 299 or email direct

Frequently Asked Questions

Does an audio system need to be installed by a specialist?

We always recommend having it installed by one of our professional audio engineers. However, with the plug &  play products everything is designed for a simple installation. As such we are happy to sell this equipment direct to you.

How do I set the sound controls of my car radio after installing a VA Audio Technic sound system?

We generally tune our vehicle-specific setups in such a way that the optimum sound is achieved when all sound controls on the car radio are in the middle positions (“linear”). Of course, you can still use the tone controls to adapt to your own listening taste, but you should first select the linear position after installation, because in most cases, our sound setup for that vehicle has been tuned to perfection.

Are there problems with the speaker diagnostics and detection by my original car radio when I am driving a HELIX amplifier through the highlevel inputs?

In recent years, we have optimised the input circuit of our amplifiers to prevent this. The loudspeaker diagnostics in almost all factory installed radios is now very complex, so it must already present some resistance in the amplifier to avoid entries in the fault memory of the vehicle. Our products proprietary circuits “ADEP” and “ADEP-SB” are unique in this regard and have a good track record of avoiding speaker detection problems.

Do you absolutely need a DSP in a sound system or is it synonymous without?

Those who want to get the most out of the existing speakers will look to use a signal processor (DSP) – whether integrated into the amplifier or as a separate component. Of course, the active crossover in our amplifiers that do not include a DSP still result in a great sound, but a DSP has quite a different way of influencing sound due to its enormous range of functions. Speak to one of our engineers about this in more detail.

Why do BRAX amplifiers not have an integrated crossover or other filters?

Sound enthusiasts today are betting on the power of DSP technology with its almost limitless and highly accurate set-up options. External signal processors eliminate the need for conventionally designed integrated filters, especially for amplifiers in the absolute premium segment. For this reason, BRAX amplifiers are designed and built with the shortest possible signal path. This design ensures that every possible component which could affect the desired result, which is an unadulterated sound reproduction, is removed.

Will the original speakers in my vehicle be overloaded and possibly damaged by the more powerful amplifier of a MATCH or HELIX Plug & Play sound system?

In general, the load on the original speakers after installation of a VA AUDIO TECHNIC sound system is even lower because, despite the higher maximum power of the amplifier, they no longer have to reproduce the low frequencies. This task is instead handed over to the subwoofer, which should not be missed out in any high-end audio system. Couple that with clean, balanced audio and you’ll be amazed at your new sound stage.

Is a separate signal processor (DSP) better than a solution integrated into the amplifier?

The decision depends solely on the desired configuration. If an amplifier such as the P SIX DSP or the V EIGHT DSP meets all the requirements for your installation in one device, there is no reason to choose one of our separate DSPs for use with a dedicated amplifier. If the number of channels required or the desired output power cannot be achieved with the integrated solutions, then the separate configuration is the best path forward. All HELIX DSP products use only the highest-performance processors (DSPs) of the latest generation with 64 Bit resolution.

Why are BRAX speakers no longer offered with passive crossovers?

In the absolute high-end segment, the demand for passive crossovers has declined significantly in recent years – and not without reason. If you want to achieve the absolute tonal optimum, you cannot really avoid using a fully active system of control for the speakers. Anyone who still prefers a passive switch, we are happy to provide the appropriate circuit diagrams for you to build your own unit. All HELIX DSP products use only the highest-performance processors (DSPs) of the latest generation with 64 Bit resolution.

For more information about upgrading your Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes or Landrover audio system,  please contact Ben on 0400 502 299 or email direct

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